Welcome to prime time bitch, FREDDY’S BACK!

Wow, it’s amazing what kinds of mash-ups you can come up with when you own apparently every IP known to man. Warner bros, in some kind of epileptic stroke of genius, has unveiled the final character to be released for Mortal Kombat.

It’s Fred Kruger mother, Fred Kruger.

My all time top slasher villain is coming to Mortal Kombat on both PS3 and XBox for your typical $5 extra character charge. If I actually had this game, Mr. Kruger would be in my line-up come day one. My only gripe? It’s not the original Freddy, it’s the 2010 remake Freddy, this one wielding dual claws.

One, two, he's coming for you.

Still, they make up for it. The demo video which you can find at IGN by clicking here shows off a glimpse of his fatalitites. One of which harkens back to the goriest kill scenes ever seen in a slasher, the volcano of blood erupting from poor Johnny Depp’s bed in the first original Nightmare on Elm Street. Well done NetherRealm Studios, well done.


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