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Hi Readers,

Quick tangent. After about a month since the inception of “The Gaming Hipster” this blog’s reached 275 views. I’m extatic that this site is getting this much traffic in such a short amount of time, and it really encourages me to publish more posts exploring the gaming medium. Friends, family, and quite a number of strangers have come by and I’m very happy with the traffic. The more traffic this gets, the more legitamate the blog feels, and the more effort I’m willing to invest. So I wanted to quickly highlight what anyone who enjoys what this site is trying to accomplish, namely the dissucsion of games as a creative medium,  can do to help me get the word out.

I’m slowly figuring out and setting up the various ways WordPress provides to enable sharing and rating this blog. You can already subscribe by entering your email into the top right corner, you can also now rate each post with the star scale you’ll find before and after each one, and you probably already know how to share and comment on posts with Facebook and other social websites. Doing any of these helps tremendously with blog traffic and I thank you all for anything you do. Help get the word out and make video games more then just a hobby!


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