Upcoming Reviews

In case you’re wondering what to expect, here’s a rundown of all the reviews I have planned through the end of the year and a snippit of what I’m expecting.

From Dust (OUT TODAY): Well tie me down and all be Bartholomew, Ubisoft just can’t make up their minds. After originally announcing From Dust’s release for PS3 was to be the 27th for NA, they’ve suddenly changed their minds and are releasing it TODAY! I’m a bit late on this news, but I’m happy to know I’ll have something to get my hands on by the PSN update tonight.








Journey (TBA): Although slated for Q4 of this year there has been no official release date. Q4 ends September 30th so I’m expecting to have my hands on this before either the Ico Collection or Dark Souls is released. I hope to get the review for this finished first before I begin either of those two whoppers.





Ico Collection (Out September 27th): Technically two games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, I’ll be reviewing each of them individually so I can really break them down. I’m really looking forward to these after missing out on them during the PS2 era.










Dark Souls (Out October 4th): With the underground game Demon Souls being such a hit, I knew I had to try my hands at Dark Souls. Honestly, I think this game is going to surprise me. From the internetting I’ve gathered, the developers are trying to make an honest comment on life and death with the game. Hearing that a developer has taken theme into account before production makes me cautiously optimistic that this game might again be the sleeper hit of the year.




Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Out NOW): I know this game is already out, so why is it at the bottom of my list? Because I originally wasn’t going to review it despite it catching my attention. As an unpaid blogger, I’ve gotta pick and choose the best examples I think stand for the alternative gamer and also work within my budget. Deus Ex was already on the border of the mainstream so I figured I could save the cash for something else. However, Amazon.com is amazing. I’ve been able to order a copy for almost half the retail price, and so when there’s time AFTER school, work, and the games I’m reviewing above, I’ll be slipping Deus Ex in to see just what the Human Revolution is about.


If there are any games you think I should consider, let me know in the comments.

Side note: There’s a game missing from this list that’s gotten alot of press for its artistic style. I’ll have a few choice words about that game in an upcoming post, stay tuned.


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