Monthly Archives: June 2013

“…and where the hell have YOU been?”

So where the hell have I been the last 11 months? Aside from a brief opinion I posted in February I haven’t posted an update to this blog since July of last year. That’s my fault I suppose. I still intend to continue this blog, as I hope this post and the renewal of the sites domain name suggests. There’ve been so many good games in the last year I don’t know where to start, so I’m supposing I’ll pick up where I left off… Sword & Sworcery. I daresay I blame this game for so much of my procrastination over the past year. It’s a simple barebones presentation, but much like Journey there’s a nuance to S&S that is so powerful yet so hard to accurately describe without sounding like you’re coming up short. I suppose this is the trial of new bloggers everywhere though, so I’m biting the bullet so I can move on to what I hope to be more frequent posts in the near future.

Along with the hopeful reinvigoration of the site, I’ll be experimenting with new approaches to the presentation of the reviews and blog posts, critical opinions are appreciated, but in the end it’s my blog. So enjoy it or go fuck yourself. Thank you.