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“…and where the hell have YOU been?”

So where the hell have I been the last 11 months? Aside from a brief opinion I posted in February I haven’t posted an update to this blog since July of last year. That’s my fault I suppose. I still intend to continue this blog, as I hope this post and the renewal of the sites domain name suggests. There’ve been so many good games in the last year I don’t know where to start, so I’m supposing I’ll pick up where I left off… Sword & Sworcery. I daresay I blame this game for so much of my procrastination over the past year. It’s a simple barebones presentation, but much like Journey there’s a nuance to S&S that is so powerful yet so hard to accurately describe without sounding like you’re coming up short. I suppose this is the trial of new bloggers everywhere though, so I’m biting the bullet so I can move on to what I hope to be more frequent posts in the near future.

Along with the hopeful reinvigoration of the site, I’ll be experimenting with new approaches to the presentation of the reviews and blog posts, critical opinions are appreciated, but in the end it’s my blog. So enjoy it or go fuck yourself. Thank you.


Wintory’s Journey to the Grammy’s

journey austin wintory

A few months ago it was announced that Austin Wintory’s soundtrack for the spectacular game Journey for the PSN has been nominated for the Grammy for “best soundtrack for a visual media.”

Now I know this is old news, it was announced as long ago as November, but I’d like to touch on just how big a deal this is for not only Mr. Wintory himself but for the video game medium as a whole. Read the rest of this entry

Humble Bundle V: Revamp Your Hipster Cred between now and June 14th!

Humble Bundle Inc has just released their fifth collection of video games and it is a dizzying collection.

LIMBO, Bastion, Sword & Sworcery, Psyconaughts, and Amnesia: The Dark Decent, PLUS all 5 soundtracks all available to you for the total price of…. you choose.

That’s right, keeping with tradition, Humble Bundle allows you to set the price you pay for all 5 games (though in order to access Bastion you need to pay more than the average customer, currently less than $8). Did I mention you even get to choose what percentage goes to the developers, to Humble Bundle Inc, and to the charities EFF and Child’s Play?

Buy it for yourself, buy it for a friend, you’ve not had a chance to get hipster cred this cheaply since you found that collage of 90s movie posters at goodwill. Just click the link here.

Oh, and hurry, the sale ends June 14th

thatgamecompany’s lead designer speaks on PS3 owners’ desire for artistic games.

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Venture Beat in an interview with one of the creators of Journey, Jenova Chen, claiming that PS3 owners seek out more artistic forms of gaming.

Kids, Violence, and Video Games: My Obligatory Opinion

So a few days ago I get an email from a family member who happens to be an elementary school teacher. He confesses having problems with the fighting going on among his students, and asks me in the email what I thought of how violence in the media effects kids…

…I don’t think he was expecting this elaborate of an answer.

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Narrative Alone Does Not a Story Make.

During this lull in new releases that always tags along the end of summer I’ve taken to the pursuit of the platinum trophy for Bioshock 2. During this second playthrough I’m remembering what makes a game like Bioshock more engaging on so many levels when compared to other games with equal or superior budgets.

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Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe.

Hi Readers,

Quick tangent. After about a month since the inception of “The Gaming Hipster” this blog’s reached 275 views. I’m extatic that this site is getting this much traffic in such a short amount of time, and it really encourages me to publish more posts exploring the gaming medium. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to prime time bitch, FREDDY’S BACK!

Wow, it’s amazing what kinds of mash-ups you can come up with when you own apparently every IP known to man. Warner bros, in some kind of epileptic stroke of genius, has unveiled the final character to be released for Mortal Kombat. Read the rest of this entry


Hello! Welcome to the first news update of “The Gaming Hipster”! Today’s news: The blog is born!

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