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Humble Bundle V: Revamp Your Hipster Cred between now and June 14th!

Humble Bundle Inc has just released their fifth collection of video games and it is a dizzying collection.

LIMBO, Bastion, Sword & Sworcery, Psyconaughts, and Amnesia: The Dark Decent, PLUS all 5 soundtracks all available to you for the total price of…. you choose.

That’s right, keeping with tradition, Humble Bundle allows you to set the price you pay for all 5 games (though in order to access Bastion you need to pay more than the average customer, currently less than $8). Did I mention you even get to choose what percentage goes to the developers, to Humble Bundle Inc, and to the charities EFF and Child’s Play?

Buy it for yourself, buy it for a friend, you’ve not had a chance to get hipster cred this cheaply since you found that collage of 90s movie posters at goodwill. Just click the link here.

Oh, and hurry, the sale ends June 14th


Limbo Analysis: Death is the Road to Awe.

Limbo has been out over a year now so there’s little reason to review it for its entertainment value. Besides, there are plenty of websites that’ll give you a score or grade for you to evaluate if that’s what you’re looking for. Instead, I’m going to try and explore what Limbo seems to say from a creative standpoint. You’ll never see a number or letter judging a game here so if that’s all you’re interested in you best try elsewhere. This is the exploration of gaming as an art form, so if that interests you read on. However, in order to be able to fully explore Limbo, I need to be able to discuss portions of it uncensored. So consider this your spoiler warning.

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Limbo released TODAY on PS3!

The dark and eerie distant cousin of the artsy side-scroller downloadable game “Braid” is coming to the PS3 today (soon as that damn Playstation Store updates). This is a must buy on my list, I’ve been waiting to play this since I first head of the dark themes and symbolism used throughout the game. I’m a big fan of what Braid did for the downloadable video game genre and Limbo, created by PlayDead, is often considered an equal in terms of delivering a new approach to video games. Unfortunately, Limbo has been an Xbox exclusive for well over a year, much like Braid was when it finally arrived on the PS3. This might make it seem like a lackluster title with all the new releases coming out, but I assure you, this game is worth your time.

I’m almost ashamed to have not played this yet considering the vein of interests I travel along, it’s much like not having seen “Pulp Fiction” till just earlier this year (bad hipster, bad!).

So what to expect? Well two cheers for the color-blind, cause this is a game whose rainbow of color runs shorter then your options in Rock-Paper-Scissors. The entire game takes place in black and white profile, centering on a nameless little boy who is running for god knows what reason. Something about a spider I’ve heard? Anyway, I’ll be sure to post some thoughts once I get through the game. I’m reluctant to read any reviews before I’ve played, as I’ve heard the entire game is very heavy with symbolism and abstract concepts. That inherently makes the game dividing, as every person playing it develops their own opinion of what the game’s message is. So I encourage those interested to play the game and come back afterward to share your thoughts on the matter in a future update, stay tuned!