What this is About

Does your sackboy always wear horn rimmed glasses? Do you shake your head in dismay at the 2 hour Call of Duty campaign? Is your Trophy/Achievement Motto “quality over quantity”? Did you buy a record player just to play the special edition Bioshock 2 soundtrack? Do you spell “Shell” with a “C”? Do you prefer your main characters powerless, depressed, and socially awkward? Then welcome. Here you’ll find no numbered ratings, few AAA titles, and many games that few God of War fans will ever touch.

This blog is for those like myself who’ve become exhausted with the typical AAA game. Somewhere along the years, all the big name brands have started to blend. Playing Fable feels like Oblivion, feels like Fallout, feels like Mass Effect, feels like Dead Space, feels like Resident Evil, feels like Uncharted, feels like Metal Gear Solid, feels like Batman, feels like Infamous feels like…. well, feels like Fable.

This is a place to shine a light on the lesser known or lesser played gems. Braid, Portal 2, Ico, Limbo, Demon Souls and many others that still need to be found. Games that approach gaming as an art form, that’s what this is about.

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